Blocking Ads

Advertising can be distracting and stressful, Below are tips for blocking ads and a list of resources. Take action now to to avoid becoming overwhelmed by ads on cellphones, computers, and other smart devices. 



Browsers – use an ad blocker to stop receiving ads from appearing in browsers.

Calls – block unknown callers or send their calls sent to voicemail.

Emails – report spammers and move their messages to spam folders.

Internet – check privacy settings for accounts on Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Notification – disable notifications for email and texts to avoid distractions.

Radio – listen to ad-free podcasts and music on streaming services to stop radio commercials.

Search Engines – turn off ad tracking on search engines.

Social Media – enable privacy settings on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, X, etc.

Texts – block texts from unknown senders or segregate them in a separate folder.

TV – replace live TV with ad-free streaming services.

Unsubscribe – opt out of mailing lists that distribute political messages.




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Adblock PlusAdClear, and AdLock (Ad Blocker)

DuckDuckGoFirefox Focus and Opera (Ad Blocking Browser)

Ghostery (Anti-Tracking)

Hushed (Temporary and Second Phone Numbers)

NoMoRobo (Call and Text Blocker)

ProtonMail (Private Mail)

Privacy Badger (Anti-Tracking)



Consumer Reports

Federal Election Commission

Federal Trade Commission

Facebook Help

Google Ad Center





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