Attracting Website Visitors

Posting on social media can attract clients, build reputations, and drive traffic to websites. Popular providers include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and X (Twitter). Below are tips for using social media and linking it to websites. Also included are links to articles, books, checklists, and examples.

Analyze - use analytic tools to monitor visits to firm websites and social media.
Delegate - delegate responsibility for posting and monitoring on firm social media accounts.
Delete - remove links to social media accounts that have become inactive.
Explain - mention social media accounts on the firm's About Us Page.
Focus - focus on a few accounts and post to them regularly.
Link - make social media findable by linking to bottom of each page of the firm website.




Website Samples
Whittel & Melton (Miami, Solo, Personal Injuries)
Persons (Marietta, Solo, Personal Injuries)
Sullivan (San Francisco, Solo, Criminal Law)
Barhoma (Los Angeles, Solo, Criminal Law)
Braverman (Boulder, Small Firm, Estates)
Soto (Ft. Lauderdale, Small Firm, Family Law)
McClure (Dallas, Small Firm, Family Law)
Stephens (Manchester, Solo, Personal Injury)
Silverman Thompson (Baltimore, Small Firm, Business and Family Law)
William Weinberg (Irvine, Solo, Criminal Law)


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