Improving Reviews

Build your reputation with client reviews at Google, Facebook, Yelp and other review sites. And improve your image with peer reviews from Justia, Martindale, and other rating organizations. Request reviews after a positive in-person consultation or a favorable settlement. Respond to negative reviews and request removal of fake and unjustified reviews. Include links to reviews and ratings on business cards, stationery and firm websites. Respond to comments whether positive or negative. Periodically check your ratings, reviews, and online reputation. See below for articles about reviews, ratings, and displaying them. 

Displays of Ratings and Reviews
Altman Law Firm, Boston (business, family, and injury matters)
Shigey Law Firm, Atlanta (personal injury)
Powers Law Firm, Charlotte (criminal defense)
John Day Firm, Nashville (litigation)
Mavrick Law Firm, Miami (business and real estate)

Review Sites - Facebook, GoogleYelp, and other lawyer review sites
Rating Organizations - JustiaMartindale, and other rating organizations


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